Roll Call

Last changed January 31, 2018

This is a "roll call" for Govert, South Dakota, as distinguished from a census, a directory, or a family tree. In some way or another, the town of Govert claimed the allegiance of the people who appear in the Govert Roll Call.

Maybe they were homesteaders or maybe they picked up a quarter section of prairie when the homesteaders moved on, patent in pocket. Maybe the Govert Store is where they provisioned their larder or exchanged community news. Maybe they relied on the Govert Post Office for delivery of their mail and the latest edition of the Govert Advance. Maybe they ordered big equipment like a tractor, or small equipment like a creamer, from Govert Van der Boom, or maybe the Dutchman notarized a bill of sale for them. Maybe they studied their lessons ... or attended P.T.A. meetings or church services ... at the Govert School. Maybe they called on friends in Govert and were welcomed to parties, rolling back the carpets and dancing until dawn. Maybe they herded sheep or maybe they built barns. Maybe Govert was their place to be when they had no other place to be.

These are the people I've met so far in my research. Some claimed a connection to more than one prairie town, so the Roll Call is not restricted by specific boundaries. Their connection to Govert is documented by United States Federal Census Records, South Dakota Census Records, the Govert Advance and other newspapers, deeds, patents, homestead records, BLM Records, marriage records, World War I and World War II draft registration cards, school census records, teachers' work records, city directories, and the memories of the people who claimed Govert as their own.

Many people found Govert a place to work or live for a season or for a year and, in that short time, were not recorded in our memory or by government records. They are the forgotten. We should remember them with an ache in our hearts.

Relationships are noted on the Roll Call, if apparent from the source documents, or if I could figure them out. Parents raising a family in Govert are entered with their children. Where children appear preceded by an asterix (*), they had continuing ties with the Govert community as adults, and will appear in a separate entry with their own families. Women who married after entering the community will have a personal entry and will also appear in a separate entry with their husbands. For example: "CALKINS: Adelaide Christina Calkins (SEE Mrs. Willard L. Esler)". As an aside, although referring to a married woman by her husband's name may no longer be popular, this was the custom of Govert, a custom which I continued here to avoid confusion.

The Govert Roll Call has been and will continue to be a long term project. The list of people influenced by life in Govert will grow and the entries will be corrected by both you and me. I'm adding the Roll Call to the blog now, incomplete as it is, for the loving touch of those who know more than I do.

The following people have made additions and changes to the Roll Call: Marie Kulisich, Mary Lou Marty, Betty (White) Olson, LuAnn (Jensen) Schroeder.

ADAMS: William J. "Bill" Adams
AIVLING: W.H.H. Aivling
ANAWALT: Roger G. Anawalt
ANDERSON: Carl Adolph Anderson
ARGENTA: John M. and Emma (Kensler) Argenta
AUKLAND: G. Aukland

BAGLEY: George Bagley
BAKER: Carl J. Baker
BAKKA: Mrs. A. Bakka
BALDUIKI: Frank Balduiki
BALL: Charlie Ball
BARNES: Barnes Brothers, Inc.
BARNES: G.F. Barnes
BARR: Raymond Alphonso and Jessie Anna (Doss) Barr; Mildred, Gladys, Raymond Jr.
BARTA: J.F. Barta
BASS: Lewis/Louis and Anna (Pappenfus) Bass; Clarence Joseph, Dorothy Barbara, Bertha T. Pauline
BAUM: Cloyd Frank Baum
BEKKEN: Donald H. and Elizabeth C. "Lizzie" (Orwick) Bekken; Addie
BEKKEN: John S. and Gunda F. (Svarstad) Bekken; Lillian, Elmer, Tillman, Norman
BEKKEN: Tollef Olson and Dorthea Bekken "Grandma Bekken"; *John S., Ole T., *Amanda (SEE Mrs. Joseph Grandpre), *Tolgar Holetain, *Donald H., *Alva Oline (SEE Mrs. John Raymond Horton), *Signy Adela (SEE Mrs. Herbert Leroy Scofield) [NOTE: Tollef Olson took Dorthea Bekken's family name after their marriage in Norway.]
BEKKEN: Tolgar Holetain and Galena Elizabeth (Brekke) Bekken; Neverette/Mevesette, Truman, Adelaide, Theodore
BENNETT: Cash Bennett
BENNETT: Grover M. Bennett
BESSET/BESSERT: John "Jack" Besset/Bessert
BIJELVICH: Maksim Bijelvich
BLANKARTZ: Barbara C. Blankartz
BLOMBERG: Ernest Carl and Bessie Rosella (Hallan) Blomberg; Clarence Frederick "Jack", Lester James, Willis Roy
BLOMBERG: Martin F. and Mary Ellen "Ella" (Murray) Blomberg; *Dixie Marie (SEE Mrs. Maurice Hamilton), Martin William "Bud" "Buddie"
BRAKKE: R.J. and Alice Mae (West) Brakke
BREECE: Frank and Agnes (Burshek) Breece
BRINK: Derek and LaDelle (Reedy) Brink
BROUSE: Eliza Beatrice Brouse (SEE Mrs. John Finneran)
BROWN: Lawrence C. and Helen (Davis) Brown
BROWNING: Henry Lloyd and Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" (Springer) Browning [NOTE: Sarah Elizabeth (Springer) Browning, John Albert Springer, Jacob Edwin Springer, Ida Pearl (Springer) Miller, and Harvey Clinton Springer are siblings.]
BRUGGEMAN: Clem Bruggeman
BURKE: Alfred John and Hazel Josephine (Moe) Burke; Marie, William, Clifford, Gerald, Shirley, Marjorie
BURKE: Burke Brothers
BURKE: Sarah (Murphy) Devereaux Burke
BURNS: Duke Burns
BURSHEK: John Rudolph Sr. and Anna (Raida) Burshek; *John Rudolph Jr., *Eleanor (SEE Mrs. George E. Murray), *Agnes (SEE Mrs. Frank Breece), Florence
BURSHEK: John Rudolph Jr. and Lauretta (Murray) Burshek; Agnes Maddlin, *Walter Edward, Clarence Arthur, Frances Theresa, Clifford Murray
BURSHEK: Walter Edward and Elsie Mabel (Oxford) Burshek; Gene Edward, Jerry W.

CALKINS: Adelaide Christina Calkins (SEE Mrs. Willard L. Esler)
CALKINS: Clifford D. and Mollie (Campbell) Calkins [NOTE: Parents of Adelaide Christina Calkins]
CAMPBELL: Arden Paul and Merle Lottiemarie (Alexander) Campbell; Beverly Jane, Kenneth Alexander [NOTE: Arden Paul Campbell is Mrs. Charles Laflin’s brother.]
CAMPBELL: Rev. Orr Campbell [NOTE: Rev. Campbell is Mrs. Charles Laflin's father.]
CANTRELL: John W. and Ethel (Mickelson) Cantrell; Clyde, Dora, Minturn, Ellsworth
CHIESMAN: Alice May (Ward) Chiesman
CHIESMAN: Leverett R. and Nellie (Pike) Chiesman
CHRISMAN: L.R. Chrisman
CLARK: Charles A. and Nellie Henrietta (Mott) Clark; Harris, Esther (became Mrs. Boy Nelson), Verl, Vern
CLASS: Harry C. and Isabelle "Belle" (Bakke) Class; *Gladys (SEE Mrs. Steve Feryance) [NOTE: Gladys also married Tilliman Heindyke]
CLEVENGER: G.D. Clevenger
COBB: Marian Eva Cobb
COE: Coe Brothers
COE: Harold Coe
COFFIELD: Edgar Coffield [NOTE: Edgar Coffield and Hubert Leroy Coffield are brothers.]
COFFIELD: Elma Emmaline (Perkins) Coffield [NOTE: Mrs. Coffield is the mother of Edgar Coffield and Hubert Leroy Coffield.]
COFFIELD: Hubert Leroy Coffield [NOTE: See Edgar Coffield, above.]
CORNELLA: Arch Cornella
COSTELLO: Tom and Madonna Costello
CRABTREE: C.C. Crabtree
CRAVEN: L.B. Craven
CRESMAN: Dan Cresman
CROSBY: Chris and Margaret (Braden) Crosby; George
CURTIS: Everett and Dove (Haskin) Curtis
CUSHING: Mark and Lucy (Jones) Cushing
CUSHING: Orval Cushing

DANIELSON: Leona Danielson
DAVIDSON: George Sloan Davidson
DEJAEGER: Ferdinand and Maria (Barrie) DeJaeger; John, *Emma (SEE Mrs. Peter Verhulst)
DEJAEGER: Louis and Leslie Faye Angeline "Lula Faye" (Viglini) DeJaeger [NOTE: Leslie's sister is Nell Mary Viglini/Mrs. Harry Hesenflow/Mrs. Ed Jacobson/Mrs. Paul DeJaeger.]
DEJAEGER: Paul and Mrs. Paul (name unknown) DeJaeger; George, *Louis
DEJAEGER: Paul and Nell Mary (Viglini) DeJaeger [NOTE: Nell was previously Mrs. Harry Hesenflow and Mrs. Ed Jacobson. Paul is the son of Philip DeJaeger; Ferdinand DeJaeger and the other Paul DeJaeger, above, are Paul's uncles.]
DEVEREAUX: Caroline A. Devereaux (SEE Mrs. William R. Haywood)
DEVEREAUX: Harry and Myrtle Constance (Holt) Devereaux
DICKLICH: Anton Dicklich
DIETRICH: Rev. Emil Dietrich
DONOHUE: James Steven and Mary (Geiger) Donohue; Mary (became Mrs. Chester Coe), John Robert "Johnnie" (married Lucille Nepper), Nellie (became Mrs. Thomas Kenny), *William F. "Willie" "Billy", Nettie (became Mrs. Jim Cowles), Lillian B. (became Mrs. Ed Lauenstein), Maurine A. (became Mrs. Victor Bailey), Lucille J. (became Mrs. Russell Abel), *James "Jim" "Jimmy"
DONOHUE: James and Marie Helen (Thybo) Donohue; Mary Anita, Kelly Sue, Janine Marie, Jay William
DONOHUE: William F. and Alice Gene (Vroman) Donohue

EDWARDS: Leland and [Mrs.] Edwards
ELLING: George M. and Ann (Byre) Elling; Robert "Bob"
ELLIOTT: Ray Elliott
ELLIS: Bert G. and Lottie M. (Price) Ellis
ELLIS: Paul Luther and Alice May (Sparks) Ellis; Mildred A. (became Mrs. Joe T. Painter of Bullock), Nona, Harold
ENGEN: Ole Engen
ESCHERICH: George and Alena (Brunswold) Escherich; Margaret, Lily, Lyman, Raymond
ESLER: Willard L. "Bill" and Adelaide Christina (Calkins) Esler

FERGUSON: Karl Ferguson
FERYANCE: Steve and Gladys (Class) Feryance; Martie Tilldalena, George M.
FINNERAN: John and Eliza Beatrice (Brouse) Finneran
FLODEN: Clara Floden
FLODEN: Jens O. Floden
FLODEN: Kermit Floden
FOGH: Hans Fogh (NOTE: This is one branch of the Jensen family.)
FOLLUM: James and Myrtle (maiden name unknown) Follum; Willus
FORD: Jack Ford
FOX: Casper Elgin and Arna L. (Peterson) Fox; Harry, *Robert, Donald, *Dale, Richard, *S. Lloyd
FOX: Dale and Mona Lenora (Jones) Fox; Diana
FOX: Robert Claire and Leona C. (Frandsen) Fox
FOX: S. Lloyd and Eunice (Lake) Fox
FRANDSEN: Louie and Hazel (Elliott) Frandsen; Alice, *Helen G. (SEE Mrs. Gerald Jensen), Bernice, Harry, *Leona C. (SEE Mrs. Robert Claire Fox), Robert
FRANKLIN: John Franklin
FULLER: Fredrick Forrest and Nellie Ursula (Rice) Fuller; Maye/Mae, Helen, Fredrick, Dorothy

GARR: John and Addie F. (Wood) Garr; Florence Addie (became Mrs. Fred Bauman)
GEE: Walter B. and Lydia A. (Vogt) Gee; Melvin W., Russell O. [NOTE: Emma (Vogt) Van der Boom, Lydia (Vogt) Gee, Theodore Vogt, and Ernest Vogt are siblings.]
GEORGE: Elmer and Alice Madison (Harmon) George; Kenneth
GEORGE: Wayne and Lucy Muriel (Phipps) George
GIANNONATTI: Hannah C. A. Giannonatti (became Mrs. Almond W. Simods)
GIESE: Augusta Giese
GIESE: Lora Othello Giese (SEE Mrs. William Hafner)
GOLDE: Philip E. Golde
GOODELL: Harry George and Cecil N. (Springer) Goodell [NOTE: Harry is the nephew of Fredrick Forrest Fuller.]
GOODRICH: Gilbert G. Goodrich
GRANDPRE: Ernest L. and Esther Elizabeth (Verhulst) Grandpre
GRANDPRE: Geraldine Grandpre
GRANDPRE: Joseph L. "Joe" and Amanda "Manda" (Bekken) Grandpre; Thresa, *Merelda (SEE Mrs. Dean Sherwood), *Joseph Maurice Delore, *Ernest, Vernon D. [NOTE: Mrs. J.L. Grandpre, Mrs. J.R. Horton, and Mrs. H.L. Scofield are sisters.]
GRANDPRE: Joseph Maurice Delore and Eva (Nordeen) Grandpre
GRAYSON: Ira and June (Laflin) Grayson
GRAYSON: John M. and Mary (Moore) Grayson; Eva J. (became Mrs. Hampton Cunningham), Leo, Roy, Ernest, *Ira, Ila
GROSS: Kathryn Gross (became Mrs. Edward Martens of Newell)
GUDMUNSON: Lillian Gudmunson (SEE Mrs. George Hafner)
GURKOVICH: Raks Gurkovich

HAFNER: George Martin and Lillian M. (Gudmunson) Hafner; Mercedes B., George D., Robert Howard
HAFNER: Kenneth Quentin and Gertrude Ruth (McKnelly) Hafner
HAFNER: Peter Frank and Clara Minnie Estina (Giese) Hafner; Gladys May (became Mrs. Joseph Alexander Giannonatti of Ludlow), *George Martin, Lester Arthur, Anna Clara (became Mrs. Frederick P. Giannonatti of Ludlow), Harold Lawrence, *Kenneth Quentin [NOTE: William and Peter Hafner are brothers; Clare and Lora Giese are sisters.]
HAFNER: William John "Bill" and Lora Othello (Giese) Hafner; William Jay, *Nida Helen (SEE Mrs. Harold Snoozy), George William [NOTE: See Peter Hafner, above.]
HALLAN: Carl Magnus and Caroline (Kjos) Hallan; *Manda Rudolphine (SEE Mrs. Martin Clement White), James Orlando “Jimmy” (married Blenda Johnson), *Bessie Rosella (See Mrs. Ernest Blomberg), Cora Melvina (became Mrs. Malvern Eberhart, Mrs. William Contreras)
HAMILTON: Maurice and Dixie (Blomberg) Hamilton; Blair
HANES: Mabel Hanes
HANSEN/HANSON: Louis/Lewis and Agnes (Mickelson) Hansen; Louis Jr.
HANSEN: Hilda Hansen
HANSEN: Henry Hansen
HANSON: Harry Hanson
HAUGEN: Willie Haugen
HAYES: Rachel Hayes
HAYWOOD: Elizabeth A. Haywood [NOTE: Mother of William Richard Haywood]
HAYWOOD: William Richard and Caroline A. (Devereaux) Haywood; also Daise D. (Thornton) Haywood
HEARSON: Oscar Hearson
HENDERSON: Dolly Henderson
HOLLISTER: Bill and Shirley (Milberg) Hollister
HOLLISTER: Ed and Lucille (Chambers) Hollister
HOLM: Rev. N.J. Holm
HOLT: Rolfe and Ruby May (Sheridan) Holt
HOOKER: G.W. Hooker
HORTON: Bill Horton Jr.
HORTON: James E. and Lucille B. (Bassett) Horton; *John Raymond, *Wesley, James B. "Jimmie", William F. "Willie", Mary L. "Marie" (became Mrs. Charles Beard of Murchison)
HORTON: John Raymond "Ray" and Alva O. "Eva" (Bekken) Horton; Dorothy Lucille, Rayford, Marvin Allen Scott, Rollis, Alvin, Lawrence [NOTE: Mrs. J.R. Horton, Mrs. J.L. Grandpre, and Mrs. H.L. Scofield are sisters.]
HORTON: Wesley and Ida (Wendt) Horton; Evelyn Marie, Dale Vernon
HOUK: Fred Houk
HOWARD: C.C. Howard
HUNTER: Robert A. Hunter

JACOBS: Howard A. and Laura Belle (Tidball) Jacobs
JACOBSON: Nels Edwin "Ed" and Nell Mary (Viglini) Jacobson [NOTE: Nell was previously Mrs. Harry Hesenflow, later Mrs. Paul DeJaeger. Her sister is Mrs. Louie DeJaeger. Her son is John C. Hesenflow]
JARVI: Walter H. and Alice Jean (Vroman) Jarvi
JENSEN: Douglas and Myla (Stensland) Jensen
JENSEN: Gerald L. and Helen G. (Frandsen) Jensen
JENSEN: Howard Leroy and Donna Fae (Grove) Jensen; Diana "Dee Dee" (became Mrs. Allen Page), Rhonda (became Mrs. Les Page), *Douglas "Doug", LuAnn (became Mrs. Les Schroeder), Nancee (became Mrs. Pat Kinghorn), *Jeffrey "Jeff"
JENSEN: Hugo and Eunice (Stillwell) Jensen; *Gerald L. "Gerry", *Howard, *Colleen (SEE Mrs. Vernon Christian Wammen)
JENSEN: Jeffrey and Christine (Grubl) Jensen
JENSEN: Otto and Beatrice "Trix" (Dearborn) Jensen; Joan, Reed, Lorraine (became Mrs. Dewayne Carlson of Bison)
JOHNSON: Axel and Myrtie L. (Cable) Johnson
JOHNSON: John R. Johnson
JONES: Lewis H. and Mary G. (Davis) Jones
JONES: Louie R. and Lota G. (LaDue) Jones; *Lewis H.
JORGENSON: Gust I. and Bessie (Holt) Jorgenson; Waldon Jerome Jorgenson [NOTE: Waldon is Gust Jorgenson's nephew.]
JOURAS: Louie Jouras [NOTE: Also Louis Gjuras, Luka Juris, Luka Gjuras]
JUNEK: David Edward and Marjorie Anne (Hollister) Junek

KAPSA: George P. and Florence H. (Snoozy) Kapsa
KELLY: Wayne Kelly
KINNEY: Joseph Ely "Ted" and Blanche (Tedrow) Kinney; Lyle Franklin
KOSPELA: Elmer and Emma E. Kospela
KNITTEL: Emma Knittel
KNUDSON: Benhart Knudson [NOTE: Melvin Knudson and Benhart Knudson are brothers.]
KNUDSON: Melvin Knudson [NOTE: See Benhart Knudson, above.]
KOLDAKER: Andrew Koldaker
KRAAZENBRINK: Cornelius Kraazenbrink
KULISICH: Anton [NOTE: Anton Kulisich and Mitchell Kulisich are brothers; they are cousins to Nick Lale.]
KULISICH: Mitchell and Nikla "Nike" (Miljas) Kulisich; Annie "Anna" "Ann", Anton "Tony", John Govert "Johnnie", Pauline Marie "Marie" [NOTE: See Anton Kulisich, above.]

LAFLIN: Allen Culbertson Laflin [NOTE: Allen Culbertson Laflin, Charles Eugene Laflin, and June J. Lafin are siblings.]
LAFLIN: Charles Eugene and Mary Zee (Campbell) Laflin; *Frederic Orr "Fred", Charles Jr. "Chick", *Lois (SEE Mrs. Herman West) [NOTE: See Allen Culbertson Laflin, above.]
LAFLIN: Frederic Orr "Fred" and Inez Josephine (James) Laflin; *Saundra
LAFLIN: June Laflin (SEE Mrs. Ira Grayson) [NOTE: See Allen Culbertson Laflin, above.]
LAFLIN: Mary E. (Foote) Laflin [NOTE: Mother of Allen Culbertson Laflin, Charles Eugene Laflin, and June J. Laflin.]
LAFLIN: Saundra (Laflin) Reedy; *Dwight Reedy, *LaDelle Reedy (SEE Mrs. Derek Brink)
LALE: Nick F. and Joyce (Tate) Lale
LALE: Nick N. "Nic" "Nickie" "Nikola" and Pauline M. (Juka) Lale; Helen Alice, Lucille M. "Lucy", *Peter G. "Pete", Chris Anton "Christ", Kathryn P. "Katie", Elsie A., William A. "Bill" [NOTE: Brothers Mitch and Anton Kulisich are Nick Lale's cousins. Pauline Juka was Nick's second wife. Nick was widowed before homesteading in Govert Township; Nick's first wife, Katherine (Pervetich) Lale, was the mother of *Mary (SEE Mrs. Ac William Oxenrider), *Estelle Opal "Stella" (SEE Mrs. Joe Lyons), *Nick F. "Nick Jr." "Nic" "Nikolas"]
LALE: Peter G. and Cora Sophia (Anderson) Lale
LAISEY/LAISY: Edward W. and Mae/May (Horswell) Laisey; Ione/Iona Mae (became Mrs. Rayford Lee Robins)
LAISY: A. Wayne and Lavonne (Anderson) Laisy
LARSON: William Larson
LAWTON: Obadiah Truman Lawton
LEAR: Clyde Lear [NOTE: Cousin of William Horton]
LEHMAN: Adolph A. Lehman
LEI: Albert Charles "Bert" and Jennie (Williams) Lei; Lyle [NOTE: Albert Charles is the nephew of William and Nicholas Lei.]
LEI: Nicholas "Nick" and Mabel L. (Farley) Lei; Myrtle [NOTE: Nicholas Lei and William Gephart Lei are brothers.]
LEI: William Gephart "Gyp" and Edna Mary (Hutter) Lei; Katherine, Dorothy, Marjorie [NOTE: See Nicholas Lei, above.]
LEMM: Waldon Lemm
LEWIS: Scott Burns and Esther Ellen (Horton) Lewis; Wesley, James Sherrill, Lloyd Alvin, Willis Arne
LIMPERT: Bill "Billy" and Kay (Scherr) Limpert; Linnea, Cindy, Sandy, Albert
LIND: Silas "Sy" and Lillie "Lullia" (Lugor) Lind
LINDQUIST: Karl J. Lindquist
LIVINGSTON: John Harrison and Jennie (Patchell) Livingston; Frank W., George Harvey, Elizabeth. John also married Daise D. "Daisy" (Thornton); Annabell May
LOFTGAARD: Tom Loftgaard
LUGAR: Harry Lugar
LUK: J.R. Luk
LYONS: Albert Thomas and Christina (Stephenson) Lyons; Lottie (became Mrs. Clarence Fitzgerald) [NOTE: Albert Thomas Lyons and Joseph B. Lyons are brothers.]
LYONS: Joseph B. "Joe" and Estelle "Stella" (Lale) Lyons; Thomas "Tommie", Verena, Betty [NOTE: See Albert Thomas Lyons, above.]

McFADDEN: Fred McFadden
McFADDEN: Merry McFadden
McGEE: R.K. McGee
McDONALD: John McDonald
McLAIN: George McLain
McLAIN: John Milton and Mabel C. "Mae" (Roberts) McLain
MACK: Owen and Emma (Dora) Mack, *William David
MACK: William David and Gladys L. (Gilbertson) Mack; James M.
MAHAR: Jack Mahar
MANEY: James Ambrose and Amy Elizabeth (Williams) Maney; *Elaine (SEE Mrs. Joseph Verhulst), Neola J. (became Mrs. Reginald D. Lamphere), Columbine, Winifred McClure
MARTY: Edward P. and Marvel Josephine (Lende) Marty; Betty, James [NOTE: Edward P., Samuel, and William Marty Sr. are brothers.]
MARTY: John Marty [NOTE: Father of Edward P., Samuel, and William Marty Sr.]
MARTY: John Grant and Helen (Wells) Marty; John Samuel "Sam", Mary Lou, Elizabeth "Liz"  
MARTY: Samuel Marty [NOTE:  See Edward P. Marty, above.]
MARTY: William "Bill" Sr. and Ruth Lucille (Phipps) Marty; Doris Elizabeth, *John Grant, Ruth Marie (became Mrs. George Blair of Montana), *William "Bill" Jr. [NOTE: See Edward P. Marty, above.]
MARTY: William Jesse and Mary Lee Marty
MARTY: William "Bill" Jr. and Shirley Maxine (Wells) Marty; *William Jesse, Ruth Ann
MAURER: Addie Maurer
MEYHAUS: O.V. Meyhaus
MEYHAUS: Robert B. Meyhaus
MICKELSON: Dora Mickelson [NOTE: Mother of Ethel (Mickelson) Cantrall]
MICKELSON: Thorbald Mickelson
MILLER: Ray Wilson "Roy" and Ida Pearl (Springer) Miller [NOTE: Sarah Elizabeth (Springer) Browning, John Albert Springer, Jacob Edwin Springer, Ida Pearl (Springer) Miller, and Harvey Clinton Springer are siblings.]
MILLETT: Boyd and Esther S. (Hunsucker) Millett
MILLETT: Edward Millett [NOTE: Cousin to Howard W., Harold, Hubert, and Boyd Millett]
MILLETT: Frank Leslie and Mattie (Boden) Millett; *Edward "Ed" [NOTE: Frank Leslie Millett and Fred Augustus Millett are brothers.]
MILLETT: Fred Augustus and Mabel (Berg) Millett; *Howard W., Harold, *Hubert, *Boyd [NOTE: See Frank Leslie Millett, above.]
MILLETT: Howard W. and Rose M. (Kari) Millett
MILLETT: Hubert and Maria (Krug) Millett
MINCKS: Cora Mincks
MINCKS: Rebecca A. Mincks
MISHLER: James M. and Carrie (Iverson/Einerson) Mischler
MOLASH: Adolpus Lewis and Emma Jane (Dungan) Molash; May/Mae, June (became Mrs. Lyle Jordon of Fairburn SD), Evylen, Joseph, John
MOTT: George L. and Anna Elizabeth (Losee) Mott; *Aurilla Martha (SEE Mrs. Frank Oscar Temple), Guy Lyman, Leonard, Theresa Ada (became Mrs. Henry Ehleringer of Zeona), Glenn, Ruby, Genevieve, Herald, Lois
MUNSEN/MONSEN: Christian Severis Munsen (widower); Martha, Anna, Louis, Christian
MURRAY: George E. and Eleanor (Burshek) Murray [NOTE: George Murray and Mary Ellen Murray are siblings.]
MURRAY: Margaret Murray
MURRAY: Mary Ellen Murray (SEE Mrs. Martin Blomberg) [NOTE: See George Murray, above.]
MYKLEMYRE: Ole Myklemyre

NASH: Guy M. Nash
NELSON: Arnold Nelson
NELSON: Irving/Erving H. Nelson
NELSON: Maggie W. (maiden name unknown) Nelson
NELSON: Ollie Nelson
NELSON: Ray Nelson
NESTRUD: Rev. Nestrud
NICHOLS: Anna C. Nichols
NICHOLS: Howard Nichols
NICKELSON: Mrs. Nickelson
NIVLING: W.H.H. Nivling
NOYCE: A.C. Noyce

OGDEN: Josiah F. "Joseph" "Smokey Joe" Ogden
OJA: Andrew "Andy" and Rachel (Lamb) Oja
OJA: Charles Oja
OLIVER: Anna Violet Oliver (became Mrs. William E. Olson of Reva) [Note: Anna Violet Oliver and Lawrence Oliver are siblings.]
OLIVER: Lawrence A. and Mary L. (maiden name unknown) Oliver [Note: See Anna Violet Oliver, above. Mary was previously Mrs. Mary L. Ashcroft.]
OTTO: Paulina E. Otto
OXENRIDER: Ace William and Mary (Lale) Oxenrider

PALMER: Roy E. Palmer
PAPKA: Vernon Papka
PARKS: Nathan O. and Zola N. (Wong) Parks
PAROVICH: Chris Parovich
PEROVICH: Nick Perovich
PERVITICH: George Pervitich
PETERSON: Catherine E. Peterson
PHILLIPS: Chester Zachery "Chet" and Leah Shanton (Vroman) Phillips; Fielding, Don, Gary, Todd, Noel
PHIPPS: Benjamin Phipps
PHIPPS: Ruth Lucille Phipps (SEE Mrs. William Marty)
PRICE: James Price
PUTMAN: Carl Monroe "Put" and Selma B. (Kettleson) Putman; Lois

RASMUSSEN: Tom Rasmussen
RAU: Herman Rau
REEDY: Dwight and Marla Reedy
RHODES: Hannah June Rhodes
RIDER: Dean L. Rider
RING: Lewis J. Ring
RING: Truman R. Ring
ROBINSON: Griffith Robinson
ROESKA: William Roeska
ROSENTHAL: Peterus "Peter" "Pete" and Dientjie "Dina" (Olthoff) Rosenthal; Peter and Annie, Annie [Note: Twins Peter and Annie died as infants; the Rosenthals also named their third child Annie. Peterus Rosenthal and Govert Van der Boom are cousins.]
RUBIN: George F. Rubin
RUBY: R.F. Ruby

SCHEPPERD: Jim Schepperd
SCHUCK: Mrs. Alma (Cox) Schuck
SCOFIELD: Charles Howard "Charlie" and Caroline Geertruida "Carrie" (Stekelenburg) Scofield [NOTE: Herbert Leroy Scofield and Charles Howard Scofield are brothers.]
SCOFIELD: Herbert Leroy "Herb" and Signy Adela "Signa" (Bekken) Scofield; Dorothy Mae (became Mrs. Wilber G. Millslagle of Belle Fourche), Leroy [NOTE: See Charles Howard Scofield, above. Mrs. J.R. Horton, Mrs. J.L. Grandpre, and Mrs. H.L. Scofield are sisters.]
SCOTT: Alphonso Bert "Bert" and Vivian (Porter) Scott; Eileen, Edith [NOTE: Alphonso Bert Scott and Lewis Ray Scott are brothers. George Sloan Davidson married Bert Scott's sister.]
SCOTT: Lewis Ray Scott [NOTE: See Alphonso Bert Scott, above.]
SEARS: Cecil Sears
SENN: E.L. Senn
SETZER: Fred Setzer
SEYMOUR: Evelyn Seymour
SHELP: Willis Sidney and Nona May (Tate) Shelp; Nona Marie
SHERIDAN: Philip "Phil" and Julia "Babe" (Murphy) Sheridan; Howard, Kathryn
SHERWOOD: Dean and Merelda (Grandpre) Sherwood
SHULL: Deloss C. Shull
SHULTZ: Osborn Shultz
SIMONS: Ardell Joseph and Gwendolyn Marye (Pellegrin) Simons
SLEEPER: Ira Sleeper
SLOCUM: Leon C. Slocum
SLOTT: Charles Frederick and Maude Estelle (Bathrick) Slott; Charles Aubrey, Willis Milo, Willa Marie
SMITH: Anna M. Smith
SMITH: Barbara C. Smith (became Mrs. Fred Blankartz)
SMITH: Charles R. and Anna H. (Montgomery) Smith
SMITH: E.S. Smith
SMITH: Forrest William and Gertrude May (Yount) Smith
SMITH: Helen K. Smith
SNOOZY: Fred and Lyda (Long) Snoozy; Charlotte (became Mrs. Waldo Jorgenson of Belle Fourche)
SNOOZY: Harold R. and Nida (Hafner) Snoozy; Larry, Bob, Laurel
SOLOM: Andrew Solom
SPRINGER: Harvey Clinton and Emma (Graf) Springer; Roland, Edwin, Albert, Eugene, Shirley, Norma [NOTE: Sarah Elizabeth (Springer) Browning, John Albert Springer, Jacob Edwin Springer, Ida Pearl (Springer) Miller, and Harvey Clinton Springer are siblings.]
SPRINGER: Jacob Edwin "Ed" and Jessie Inez (Stowell) Springer [NOTE: See Harvey Clinton Springer, above. Jessie Inez Stowell and Lena Blanche Stowell (wife of John Albert Springer) are sisters.]
SPRINGER: John Albert "Bert" and Lena Blanche (Stowell) Springer; Shirley Irene,*Cecil (SEE Mrs. Harry Goodell), Avis, Wallace "Wally", Wayne [NOTE: See Jacob Edwin Springer and Harvey Clinton Springer, above.]
SREGOVICH: Nick Sregovich
STOLZENBURG: Winnifred Stolzenburg
STORM: Link Storm
SULLIVAN: Pat Sullivan
SWESEY: Jessie Homer Swesey

TATE: James M. and Amelia May (Dunham) Tate; *Nona May (SEE Mrs. Frank Wald, Mrs. Willis Sidney Shelp)
TAUCK: Frank and Margaret (Follum) Tauck; Minnie Mae (became Mrs. Clifford Island of Deadwood)
TEMPLE: Frank Oscar and Aurilla Martha (Mott) Temple; Francis Margaret
THOMAS: Hazel Thomas
THYBO: Andrew C. "A.C." "Andy" and Sylvia (Mitchell) Thybo; *Louise (SEE Mrs. Ray D. Wicks), *James, Boyd
THYBO: James and Mary (Wicks) Thybo
TINNIN: William B. "W.B." "Will" "Buck" and Una R. (Wilson) Tinnin; Earl, Wayne "Tag"
TOBLE: Gustave Herman "Gus" and Amy Birdie (Hinton) Toble; Lauretta "Retta" (became Mrs. Joseph Edward Curran), Nellie (became Mrs. Anton J. Vicek), Eugene V. "Gene", Evelyn (became Mrs. Bill Krambeer) [NOTE: After Amy Birdie's death, Gus married Amanda Elizabeth (Williams) Byers. Gustave Herman Toble is uncle to Emma (Vogt) Van der Boom, Lydia (Vogt) Gee, Theodore Vogt, and Ernest Vogt.]
TODD: Frank G. and Margaret B. (Gaddis) Todd
TODD: George B. Todd
TODD: William J. Todd
TOLBERT: Ernest Tolbert

VAN DER BOOM: Govert Luther Joseph Marion and Emma Louise (Vogt) Van der Boom; Virgil, Gordon, Roger [NOTE: Emma (Vogt) Van der Boom, Lydia (Vogt) Gee, Theodore Vogt, and Ernest Vogt are siblings.]
VAVRINA: Rev. Vaclav Vavrina
VERHULST: Charles "Charley" and Annette B.M. (Olson) Verhulst; Anna M. (became Mrs. Forrest G. Goddard of Date, Perkins County), Esther, *Joseph
VERHULST: Joseph and Elaine (Maney) Verhulst
VERHULST: Peter A. and Emma (DeJaeger) Verhulst; Marine/Marie (became Mrs. Jule Lermeny of Reva), Peter
VIBICUNOVICH: Pavle Vibicunovich
VIERECK: Nic Viereck
VOGT: Ernest Edward Vogt [NOTE: Emma (Vogt) Van der Boom, Lydia (Vogt) Gee, Theodore Vogt, and Ernest Vogt are siblings.]
VOGT: Theodore J. Vogt [Note: See Ernest Vogt, above.]
VROMAN: Colonel James and Lena (Buchanan) Vroman; also Lena Belle (Jensen) Vroman [NOTE: Colonel James and Ned S. are brothers.]
VROMAN: Ned Shanton and Sophrena Leota "Jimmy" (Biddison) Vroman; *Leah Shanton (SEE Mrs. Chester Zachary Phillips), *Alice Gene "Gene" (SEE: Mrs. William Donohue, Mrs. Walter H. Jarvi) [NOTE: See Colonel James Vroman, above.]

WALD: Francis Thomas "Frank" and Nona May (Tate) Wald; Frances Mae
WALKER: Anzley Dean and Barbara (Herman) Walker
WALKER: Anzley Meltiah and Rose Helen (Kapsa) Walker; *Anzley Dean, Donna Rose
WALKER: William W. and Annie Eliza (White) Walker; Angie M., Eva M., *Anzley Meltiah
WAMMEN: Christian "Chris" "Christ" "Buzz" and Laura "Gina" (Kvistine) Wammen; *William, Helga, Harvey, Margaret (became Mrs. John Truman Quaal of Strool), Wanda A., Dorothy M., *Vernon Christian
WAMMEN: Vernon Christian and Colleen (Jensen) Wammen
WAMMEN: William "Willie" "Buzz" and Esther (Hick) Wammen
WEST: Forrester Frank and Louise (Cornella) West; *Herman Rosanius "Herm", Richard Louis "Rich", Evaline Elizabeth, *Alice Mae (SEE Mrs. R.J. Brakke), Shirley Jean [Note: Herman and Richard were Louise's sons by her marriage to Herman R. Peterson, and were adopted by Forrester.]
WEST: Herman Rosanius and Lois E. (Laflin) West; Delores, Donna, Fronna, Richard, Lyn, Debbie, Dalerie
WEURZER: John Weurzer
WEYAND: Mary Weyland
WICKS: Ray D. and Louise (Thybo) Wicks
WHITE: Forest Bryce and Lila Mae (Wilkinson) White; Betty Mae White (became Mrs. Reuben Olson), Judy Ann (became Mrs. Ken Armor)
WHITE: Martin Clement "M.C." "Clem" and Manda Rudolphine (Hallam) White; *Forest Bryce "Bryce", Margaret Claire "Claire" (became Mrs. Ike John), Mary Caroline (became Mrs. Jim Haggart)
WHITTLESAY: Stephen Whittlesay
WILLARD: W.B. Willard
WILLERETT: Willie Willerett
WILLEY: Dode and Mrs. Willey
WILLIAMS: Delbert A. and Anna Mae (McMullen) Williams
WILSON: Arthur and Georgia (Hartzel) Wilson; Ruth, Ruie, Ernest
WILSON: Fred W. Wilson
WILSON: Harriet E. Wilson
WIST: Herman R. Wist
WOLFE: William Wolfe
WOODWARD: Bessie Woodward
WOODWARD: W.H.Woodward

YONKERS: George Yonkers
YOUNG: Herbert and Beulah (McLain) Young; Fred, Carolyn

ZURAK: Louis Zurak


  1. I would like to add my name: I am John and Helen Marty's daughter. Mary Lou Marty.

    Thank you and enjoy reading all your blogs.

    1. The Marty family is an important part of Govert. You are now where you belong on the Roll Call, Mary Lou. Are all your siblings represented? Are you the oldest? Youngest? I hope sometime you will tell me Marty stories. Or your own story about country school or growing up on the Marty Ranch. If you like, you can correspond with me at Thanks also for giving back to George Blair his proper name.

  2. Ruth Marie Marty married George Blair of MT

    Thanks again.

  3. The Shelps are my family. Nona Marie was my grandmother.



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